The Application Under Test

We’ll need an Angular application to test, one as simple as possible while having all the angular features we want to test.

It’s a one-screen variation on the “Tour of Heroes” that should be familiar to you as a reader of this Developers Guide.

Our test app displays a list of heroes - all favorites of the user named “Bongo”. It looks like this:

Bongo's Heroes

At the top is a master list of heroes; at the bottom the detail for the current hero. Click a hero in the list to change the current hero. Change the name in the textbox and that name updates everywhere. The Update button modifies the in an arbitrary way and that change also propagates everywhere on screen. The Delete button deletes the hero from the list and a new hero becomes current. Refresh clears both the list and detail, then restores the original list of heroes.

This simple app illustrates a number of Angular features that we’d like to test.

We’ll examine the implementation details as we evolve our tests.

What’s Next?

Now that we’re familiar with how the test app works, we’re ready to poke at it with our first application tests written in Jasmine.

Next Step

First App Tests